Energy audit

Energy audit

Energy audit – energy flow testing and analysis in the building. Application of the most appropriate processes to reduce energy losses into the environment. Energy audit is the first step towards reducing your energy costs. One of the main tasks of energy audit is to provide solution for a better use of the available energy resources. We will issue a special report with detailed description of the available energy savings analyzing the appropriate energy efficiency measures. In the service provision we use instrumental equipment, if necessary, we survey the local residents and building manager. During the energy audit, in addition, we will collect the necessary data about energy consumption in the building.

Energy audit is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards of the Republic of Latvia. This service provides detailed individual solutions for increasing energy efficiency for each client. During the energy audit, we will analyze various circumstances that affect the condition of the surveyed building, paying special attention to bordering structures.

The service includes:
• Full building survey and analysis of the data obtained;
• Based on the obtained data the energy flow in the building is determined, as well as the amount of used heat energy and het losses from each bordering structure of the building;
•The procedure allows determining the potential reduction of the heat and electrical energy of the building and the opportunities for technical improvement of the building.


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