Building management systems

Building management systems

Building management systems allow the client to align the existing equipment in the building facilitating their operation and management. The implementation of such systems allows the operator to manage the energy resources in a more efficient manner, creating a comfortable and safe environment for the occupants of the building. In the implementation of a building management systems, the purpose of the operation is taken into account. Different systems will be used for hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial objects. It is recommended to include BMS already in the technical project stage of the building to facilitate various technical solutions, however, Navitas RP Ltd. offers introduction of BMS also in sites already in operation.

We develop building management system projects, carry out their implementation, repair and servicing. First we analyze the functionality of the building, its technological structure and processes that must be provided. After the implementation of the system we guarantee that the energy consumption in the building may be reduced by 35%, reducing also capital investments and operational costs.

The service includes:
•Advice and recommendations in the pre-project development stage;
• Building Management and automation system (BMS) project development;
•Equipment assembly, installation, adjustment;
• Building automation system service and maintenance.


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