Construction and installation of energy objects

Construction and installation of energy objects

Any type of building requires power supply and electric installations to fully ensure its functions. In building operation, the electricity is converted into other forms of energy, for example, lighting, mechanical functionality of equipment, temperature regulation.  In order to provide electricity to the consumer, both autonomous and centralized electricity supply systems are available.

We carry out the construction and installation of a variety of electrical supply objects. We offer the construction of electric installations for private residences, public buildings, low-voltage networks, as well as the construction of transformer substations and distribution points. In addition, we offer repair and maintenance of energy objects / electrical networks. The company has experience in cooperation with various construction companies regarding service provision. We carry out the construction of internal and external electricity supply networks in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

The services includes:
• Construction of electrical installations and low-voltage networks for public buildings, private residences and apartment buildings;
• Construction of all types of street, park and area lighting networks;
•Construction of low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage overhead lines, cable lines, transformer substations and distribution points;
• Construction of electricity installations for private residences, customer-owned land plots, commercial buildings;
• Installation of lightning protection and surge protection;
•Installation of Building Management and automation systems (BMS);
• Power network service and maintenance;
•Construction, operation and maintenance of wind generators, solar power plants.


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