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About Navitas RP

The word Navitas in Latin means energy/force, which very accurately describes our business. Navitas RP Ltd. is a specialized provider of electricity supply, energy and engineering research services. The core activity of the company is electrical installations, development of technical projects and provision of professional monitoring services. Our services are provided by highly qualified specialists who continually develop their knowledge and skills to guarantee the quality of the services provided and the most feasible solutions in terms of construction and operation. The project implementation uses cutting edge technologies to provide the best results. Each solution is developed based on strict professional criteria. We offer individual approach and fair treatment to each client in order to ensure high quality and accurate delivery terms.  Navitas Ltd. is experienced in cooperation with foreign and local equipment manufacturers to provide modern and sustainable end products to our clients. Upon customer’s request we also provide technical documentation of the project in 3D format.

Our main clients are private entities, legal entities and architectural companies. We have developed extensive cooperation with construction companies, road construction companies, municipalities in Latvia, as well as foreign clients.


To work with interested parties to whom we help to find the most feasible solutions in power supply and energy industries. Our mission is to meet the customer’s expectations and increase their competitiveness.


Being recognized in Latvia and abroad as a professional, fair and trustworthy company. A place where the customer can always find the most feasible and effective solutions to their problems. To seek respect towards our customers, competitors and investors.



Excellence — in our work we strive for the highest professional standards in order to achieve our goal – to become an internationally recognizable and recognized company.


Safety – it is an integral part of our daily operations. We apply practices that promote increased safety of our team in performing electric installations, developing technical projects, providing monitoring services and of our clients in the operation of energy objects.

Customer is the key

Customer is the key – the tasks assigned by the customer is our priority, their needs are our task. We are ready to walk the extra mile to achieve the set goals.

Care for our personnel, respect

Care for our personnel, respect – we highly value our employees, customer and we care about their well-being. We treat them with respect and honor. We strive to provide out staff with the best working conditions, so that they could fully develop their career as the provision of the core services of our company – electric installation, development of technical projects and monitoring services – requires the experience of highly qualified employees. We treat our clients with respect and understanding to promote achieving their goals.


Honesty – we strive for fair cooperation principle in all of our business and labour relations.


Teamwork – we work in a team with pride to achieve success together.

Construction and installation of energy objects

We carry out the construction and installation of a variety of electrical supply objects. We offer the construction of electric installations for private residences, public buildings, low-voltage networks.


Design of power supply objects

We offer development of technical projects for external power supply networks and low-voltage networks. External power supply network technical projects are designed in accordance with the technical provisions.


Building management systems

We develop building management system projects, carry out their implementation, repair and servicing. First we analyze the functionality of the building, its technological structure and processes that must be provided.


Energy audit

Energy audit is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards of the Republic of Latvia. This service provides detailed individual solutions for increasing energy efficiency for each client.


Wind monitoring

The service includes a comprehensive analysis of the location selected by the client in order to offer a precise reflection of the wind energy potential for electricity generation by wind power plants.


Water flow monitoring

Water flow monitoring involves current speed measurements, water flow analysis by instrumental method with acoustic Doppler instrument Aquadopp Profiler.


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