Wind speed monitoring

Wind speed monitoring

Wind monitoring is ensured by installing a special aluminium mast (up to 100 meters high), which is equipped with a specialized, professional installations. The mast is equipped with wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, air temperature sensor, atmospheric (barometric) pressure sensor. The service includes a comprehensive analysis of the location selected by the client in order to offer a precise reflection of the wind energy potential for electricity generation by wind power plants. This analysis involves a set of several activities – evaluation of natural terrain via satellite maps, installation of monitoring masts in the selected location for long-term monitoring (at least 12 months), analysis of the obtained data and comparison with the closest meteorological station annual data, calculation of specific wind generator productivity based on the monitoring data. In addition, the environmental impact is analyzed – noise propagation, electromagnetic field propagation, flickering effect. We also provide consultation regarding the selection of the most suitable technologies. Company specialists have experience in cooperation with foreign enterprises regarding technology transfer and development of measurement methodologies.

Our services also include technical project development and solving technical issues concerning connection to the grid.

The service includes:
• General assessment of the geographical location;
• Survey and analysis of the wind flow obstructions;
• Annual calibration of measuring equipment;
• Assembly and installation of wind measurement mast;
• Wind speed monitoring, data collection and processing;
• Mast maintenance, repair and disassembly;
• Monthly reports and annual report on total wind quality;
• Consultations regarding the selection of the most suitable wind turbines, their placement in the specific region.

The report includes such parameters as:
• Wind speed and direction (wind rose);
• Turbulence intensity at different wind speeds and directions;
• Wind speed distribution based on recurring frequency;
• Wind speed increase depending on altitude;
• Air density, temperature and atmospheric pressure;
• Productivity calculation of a specific wind turbine, based on the given meteorological conditions.


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