Water speed and flow monitoring

Water speed and flow monitoring

To ensure water monitoring services in 2008 we initiated cooperation with one of the world leading acoustic Doppler instrument manufacturers. Water flow monitoring involves current speed measurements, water flow analysis by instrumental method with acoustic Doppler instrument Aquadopp Profiler.

Aquadopp Profiler measures the current state of water by using acoustic Doppler technology. The device can be placed on the watter bed, fixed installations, rigs, buoys and fixed structures. It is a complete tool that covers all necessary details, data collector, memory card, pressure and temperature sensors, software, cable.

The device emits three acoustic rays at a 25o angle for a precise measurement of the current profile cell count. The compass sensors determine the current measurement direction and high-resolution pressure sensor provides depth and tidal measurements, if the system is set in a certain way. Standard 9MB generator and internal alkaline batteries usually are enough for 2-4 months of use. The usage period may be increased by expanding the circuits to a more intensive 161MB memory and using external batteries.

This analysis includes a set of activities – evaluation of natural terrain by special equipment, installation of water Doppler in the selected location according to the client’s requirements, the analysis of the data obtained.

The service also includes the calculation of the water free flow turbine productivity based on the monitoring data. In addition the environmental impact is analyzed – noise propagation, electromagnetic field propagation. We also provide consultation regarding the selection of the most suitable technologies.

Our services also include technical project development and solving technical issues concerning connection to the grid.

The service includes:
• General assessment of the geographical location;
• Survey and analysis of the water flow obstructions;
• Annual calibration of measuring equipment;
• Assembly and installation of water Doppler;
• Regular data collection and processing;
• Water Doppler maintenance, repair and disassembly;
• Monthly reports and annual report;
• Consultations regarding the selection of the most suitable water free flow turbine;
• Flow distribution in the selected region;
• Water layer thickness measurements;
• Flow rate distribution by depth;
• Analysis of potential changes in water density;
• A comprehensive analysis of the customer’s selected location.


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